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We pride ourselves in our excellent staff and recognize and value the contribution of each member of our health care team. We all work closely together to provide you with the best medical care. Starting with scheduling your appointments, our staff works hard to meet all your needs by verifying your health insurance, providing you with referrals to specialists, coordinating lab work and tests, and updating you with your test results in a reasonable amount of time. If recommended by the physician, we will refer you to home health (your care in your home), at a hospice, or in the nursing home. Our staff consists of bilingual employees who speak and comprehend the Spanish language, fluently.



Enrique Lopez

Our gentleman medical assistant is in charge of coordination of all of the aesthetic services offered at our practice, such as bio-identical hormone replacement therapy, PRP for face and hair, dermal fillers, botulin toxins, Viora V30 laser light therapy for various skin and body conditions and Morpheus 8  for non-surgical bipolar radio frequency (RF) tissue treatment.  For more information, please refer to our services webpage.  





Ingrid Cabada

Our medical assistant is in charge of taking your vitals and your chief complaints before you see the physician. She will also review all your medications, so please remember to bring all your medications with you on your appointment.







Hailey Henderson

You will be greeted by her lovely smile as you enter our facilities. She is in charge of registering you as a patient in our facility and she will gladly take all your information relating to your person as well as your health insurance. She also helps you to make future appointments with Dr. Khedia. If there are any changes in your address, phone number, and your health insurance, please notify us immediately.






Itzel Garcia

Itzel is in charge of obtaining referrals to specialists, and filling out various forms such as IHSS, EDD, etc. 








Minal Khedia

Minal Khedia – is the office manager of our team.


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